Aspendell South Fork Volunteer Fire Department

111 Columbine Drive, Aspendell, CA 93514

About Our Organization:
The Aspendell South Fork Volunteer Fire Department (ASFVFD) is a 501c (3) non-profit charitable public benefit organization, organized as a California Corporation #C3603584. The ASFVFD organization is the successor to the Aspendell South Fork Residents Association (ASFRA) organized as an interim successor to the Aspendell Volunteer Fire Department, a former operation of the Aspendell Mutual Water Company (AMWC).

Year End News:
With fall leaves gone and early snow and winter temperatures upon us, we look back at the year with awe at all that our commuity and volunteers have accomplished. Our roster of volunteers continues to grow (two new fulltime residents: David Woody and Scott McKenzie) will make 7 regulars and 2 recruit/observers), and their ranks have mainatined a regular 2x a month training schedule. They have developed their skills at various hose lays based on the typical scenarios they will eventually encounter and the hydraulic principles of each. Protective equipment for Wildland Fires is now in the hands of the regulars and future purchases of additional structural fire turnout gear and breathing apparatus is planned. Plans for CPR and AED first aid training are also in progress.

Other volunteers have dutifully performed routine maintenance on the fire engine; oil and filters have been replaced, brakes inspected and fluids checked. Snow chains have been purchased and are on board for ready access and use in inclement weather. Fuel is kept topped off and valves and pump controls are regularly exercised.

The windows for the new caretaker quarters have arrived and final detailing of the plans and material lists are nearing completion. Funds to cover the anticipated costs are in the bank and construction will soon commence! In kind donations for finish materials needed for the project are also welcome.

There is much more to do including interfacing with the USFS vegetation management program and the Inyo County Avalanche Warning and Evacuation programs. Your participation as either a volunteer or contributing member is vital to carrying out our public safety protection mission.

Funding and Operations:
ASFVFD provides fire protection for the Aspendell and South Fork communities and funding is principally from voluntary community contributions. Services are rendered without regard to the origin of the contributions received. Membership is voluntary and supporting membership fees are not a consideration for services provided. Supporting Members whose contribution were received in 2015 (who have given us permission to publish their names) are posted here.

Board of Directors: The organization is governed by a 5 member board of directors who serve staggered three year terms. The board adopts its own by-laws and appoints its owns members.

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